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Future Proof Your Ads

Advertisers should factor nostalgia into their advertisements. Watching advertisements for current events, products, and deals is exhausting, and even sometimes infuriating. It’s also boring. There are a few ads that people “love,” but in general nobody wants to see that goddamn fucking Chuck Norris argh.

However, no matter how fucking asinine, people love to veg out and watch old ass commercials. People literally go online and seek out that fucking Sears air conditioner commercial like they’re looking for water in the desert. 

Advertisers should really take hold of this, and future-proof their commercials. By simultaneously branding your commercial with tons and tons of current trends, you are essentially ensuring that nobody in the future will understand for even 10 fucking seconds why people are dressed that way, which means that a decade or two from now they’re going to want to watch the commercial. It gets sneaky when you find ways to advertise to this future audience, by making corporate brands seem enticing, even if the product line has totally changed by the time people are getting nostalgic over your ad. 

“Three pizza meal deal on now at Pizza Hut for only $29.99. Deal available now through May 31st, and then again all through the month of May in 2028. Featured product and deal subject to change and inflation.”

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